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Below, you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions about our Venue. If you have additional questions please click below to send us an email!

Commonly Asked Questions

Meet our Wedding and Event Coordinator! 

Wedding and Events Coordinator

"I work with the couples from the beginning, tailoring their whole experience to what they envision as the perfect day. My goal is to create the most magical experience that will always be remembered as the best day of their lives!"

-Anastasia Joucken

Attention, dear Adventurers! Just as a reminder, Blue Mountanya is a hidden gem, a secluded paradise nestled away from the bustling crowds and although we would like to share it with everyone, our enchanting haven is only open for private events. However, if you're searching for a stunning venue to host your special occasions, look no further! We offer a range of services including weddings, birthday celebrations, family reunions, baby showers, and much more!


As usual, to unlock the gates of our extraordinary Venue, simply drop us an email at  to get in touch with our Blue Mountanya Events Coordinator. We can't wait to provide you with all the details and discuss the array of options we have meticulously designed to cater to your needs!

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